Monday, August 11, 2008

Summer Bounty

This garden update has been a long time in coming. I started a new part-time job in July, and I have been really busy working for Amy's Garden! You can see me now every Saturday at the South of the James market in Forest Hill Park selling organic produce and cut flowers.

I've certainly gained a new perspective on my own small garden in the median -- after seeing Amy's farm out in Charles City, my plot seems tiny! Still, I've managed to harvest a good variety of veggies, including Cherokee Purple and Yellow Pear tomatoes, Thai hot peppers, and several varieties of sweet pepper. It's great to see everything finally ripening, the fruits of my long-ago labor in early May. I also love how the colors of summer vegetables match the heat of August in reds and yellows.

I admit I should have staked the tomatoes (they're an unruly mass) and my peppers occasionally suffer from blossom end rot. No garden is perfect, but this one, in my opinion, has done quite well. I hope my 'summer bounty' photo above will inspire readers of the RFC to grow their own gardens in upcoming seasons -- it's a thrill to eat what you have grown yourself!

Plans are upcoming for major improvements on the median garden. Check back here for more updates and (hopefully) pictures of newly planted fall greens!

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