Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Eat Local Challenge

As Erin was saying August is a great time for anyone sticking their toe in the "local waters" to just jump right in!! With so much abundance at the local farmers markets your grocery store list could easily and tastily be reduced to just a handful of items. Even locally roasted coffee, is available at the South of the James Market... (or the Forest Hill Ukrops). Okay, so jump right in!

For those of you who would like a little extra guidance or want to make a firm commitment to push themselves along, the Eat Local Challenge has been encouraging people to commit to eating locally one month at time for years now. They have just launched their October 2008 Eat Local Challenge and I have signed On!! They provide guidelines like creating a firm "exceptions" list. They encourage participants to start now in order to do a little preparation to make sure a month of eating local in October is as tasty and enjoyable as possible and they give you advice on how to prepare. Their Site can provide you with all kinds of information, a local food search database.... and the registration form.

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