Thursday, May 1, 2008

Brookview Farm Update

Brookview farm has an e-newsletter and I thought I would pass on the most recent updates.

Brookview Farm
P.O. Box 126854 Dover Road
Manakin-Sabot, VA 23103
Website -
Tel: (804)784-3131
Fax: (804)784-2697
SATURDAY HOURS 9 A.M. - 1 P.M. Credit cards accepted

MISSION STATEMENT To sustainably produce the highest quality food and farm products, in a manner that preserves and enhances our community and natural resources.

Saturday, May 3, 2008
Dear Customers, We hope all of you who joined us last Saturday during our Earth Day Celebration enjoyed the day as much as we did. Everyone seemed to be having fun, especially the little ones. For those of you who had to wait for the burgers, we apologize for the delay due to our grill not working properly. Thank goodness our friend Freddie showed up and helped get the grill going. We appreciate all of you who came out and supported your local farm. If you missed this year, we hope you can make it for the next one.

BEEF We still have plenty of your favorite cuts of beef in stock as well as a few you may have missed such as the flat iron. We are very pleased with the new thicker cut filets which look very delicious. If you are cooking grass-fed beef remember it is best cooked slowly and try not to lose any of the juices which keeps the beef tender. Many of us like to squeeze the juices out of the burger when cooking on the grill, but you don't want to do this and dry out the burger. If you are cooking a roast, a crock pot set on low all day is perfect for a delicious tender meat for dinner. Sandy likes to throw in a few pieces of rosemary, some orange slices and a few potatoes to add flavor to his roast.

We carry in our market The Grassfed Gourmet Cookbook by Shannon Hayes - Healthy cooking recipes with grass-fed foods which is full of recipe ideas. The internet is also a great source for tips on cooking with grass fed beef. Remember we are here to help answer any questions.

The egg situation seems to be improving tremendously. We are now getting almost as many eggs daily as we were getting in a whole week this past winter. The new pullets have started laying which has helped. To those of you who hate to drive out just for one dozen eggs, we are happy to say that the limit of a dozen per customer has been lifted until further notice. Sandy says the chicks we received in the mail on April 1, at two days old are growing quickly. Stop by and see them when you come out. Keep your fingers crossed that most of them are not roosters, because that will determine how many pullets we will have laying eggs this fall. Sandy says it will be a couple more weeks before he will be able to tell.


We will have the following in the market this Saturday:

Organic Grass-fed beef - New Arrival with all your favorite cuts
Eggs from our free-range chickens (NO LIMIT) - new price $5.00/doz.
Raw honey with or without the comb - also whipped honey great for spreading on toast or bagels
All-natural, free-range chickens produced by Shenandoah Valley Family Farms
Fauquier's Finest Country Butcher Shop Products: Sausage (Sage, Maple & Sweet Italian), Pork Chops and Bacon
Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon - full of nutritious & healthy eating ideas
The Grassfed Gourmet Cookbook by Shannon Hayes - Healthy cooking recipes with grass-fed foods
Brookview Farm logo items - hats, t-shirts and tote bagsGoat's milk soap & lotion from Breeze Hill Farm - These scented soaps and lotions make great gifts
Old Dominion Root Beer and Ginger Ale
Goochland County Chamber of Commerce 2008 Directory (with Sandy and Bunny on the cover) - free
GOOCHLAND RURAL MARKET - OPENING This Saturday is the opening day of the Goochland Rural Market. Brookview Farm, along with the Center for Rural Culture, is proud to sponsor the market again this year. After visiting our market, why not drive just 10 minutes further west of Brookview on River Road West (Route 6) and you will find the market, located on the lawn of Grace Episcopal Church, across from the Goochland County Courthouse. The hours are 8 a.m. - 12 noon. If you have never visited the market, you will enjoy the rural experience while shopping for fresh, local, sustainably grown produce and artisan crafts. Visit the Center for Rural Culture's website for more information. EDIBLE GARDENThis week Chef Ed is again featuring Brookview Farm's beef. You will find on the lunch menu a Warm Sliced Rare Roast Beef, Sautéed Onions, Munster Cheese & Seasonal Lettuce on a fresh baked Toscana Hero. Also on the lunch menu, you can order a delicious, rich yellow quiche which is made with Brookview Farm's eggs. The quiche is always a good choice for a light lunch. What a wonderful place to visit after you leave the farm. On the dinner menu, you will find a Grilled 1/2 lb. Beef Burger with Charred Onions, Blue Cheese, Lettuce and Cajun Aioli made with our Brookview Farm ground beef. For more information, click on their link below.

If your family and friends would like to be notified of news about Brookview, please pass this email along to them. We would love to share our farm with everyone and spread the word about providing local food to our customers.

PLEASE VISIT SOME OF OUR FRIENDS Edible Garden - serving local fare for lunch and dinner Center for Rural Culture Hill Farm www.breezehillfarm.comGoochland Land Alliance www.goochlandlandalliance.orgGood Foods Grocery Remember, local food is miles better! See you on the farm,The Fishers and the Brookview Gang Brookview FarmP.O. Box 126854 Dover RoadManakin-Sabot, VA 23103Tel: (804)784-3131Fax: (804)784-2697Website:

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