Monday, May 19, 2008

Hoo Rah for the Farmer!!!

Hooray for the farmer who grows our food. For all those organic growers who have crops fail and frustrations a plenty and still produce beautiful, brightly colored fresh delicious food in bounty.

I came home from three days away from my garden to find so many wilted plants, far too many holes eaten into my lettuce and broccoli. And one tomato, two eggplant, and one cucumber plant all eaten to complete non-existence except some roots below the soil! What would do this? Eat whole tomato plants? I do not have deer and as far as I know these greens are poisonous.

On the bright side I also harvested my first radish and it was my first plucked straight from the ground and eaten directly after a quick rinse. It was also by far the spiciest radish I've ever tasted. We have found a recipe for sauteed radishes with their greens and I will let you know how it turns out. I am also planning a spicy radish slaw.

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  1. if you discover what took your tomato plants, let me know. i lost about five that way this spring. seriously perplexing.

    but, with all the failures, that first anything (mine was a leaf of arugula) compensates and grants hope. i think to myself...well, i rarely eat a whole bunch of radishes from the store, but picking a radish a day from the garden is perfect.