Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Reader Recommendations

Reader Lea Marshall was kind enough to e-mail us a link to her list of resources for meat and dairy in Virginia. I was happy to see Brookview Farm listed as a source for beef! Lea also hinted that Everona Dairy is really worth a visit: she says, "My friend and I broke the bank stocking up on their cheese." The Dairy produces a variety of sheep's milk cheeses, freezer lamb, tanned sheepskins and wool socks. The cheeses are the specialty, and the best is supposedly the 'Everona Piedmont:' it won the Farmhouse category for sheep's milk cheese at the American Cheese Society's annual competition in 2005, and has a 'nutty flavor, even flowery, with a slight tang and earthy aftertaste characteristic of good sheep's milk cheese.' It also sounds like there are several vineyards in the area, so a trip out to the Piedmont would definitely be worth your while!

Once again, thanks for the recommendation, Lea! We are always looking for local food resources beyond the immediate Richmond area. I think Virginia has an amazing collection of hidden food (and wine) gems scattered throughout its rural areas. Do any other readers suggest visits to particular farms, dairies, shops or wineries? We'd love to know!

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  1. So glad you passed on this great information. Thank you!