Thursday, May 8, 2008

Excitement in the Air!

This week has been a great week for local food in the Richmond area. With so much going on, it is hard to keep up. Farms for berry picking, great lectures, new markets and much more are on the horizon.

We at RFC decided we wanted to celebrate the bounty of the spring with a potluck. The idea was for everyone to visit their local farmers market, see what wonderful treats they could find, and turn them into great dish to share.

The result? So many delicious new dishes to try and a wonderful group of people who could all share stories about their market's opening day or what their market had this week. Backyard croquet, bocce ball, good people and good food. I think we all had a great time and some people were encouraged by the event to try the market for the first time. Not everyone you know and care about will be in the same place you are when it comes to exploring and supporting local foods, but in the spirit of a great day with good friends you may be surprised by how many people will want to participate! I think a potluck that celebrates the best of the season is a great way to spend time with friends while encouraging greater knowledge and appreciation of your larger community.

Oh yeah, the pumpkin in the photograph is a leftover from this past fall, still in perfect condition. It was valuable addition used for holding down the flyaway napkins.


  1. so I just sent Jason this blog as my new fav and I read this post and said HEY I think this is the potluck I MISSED due to bad clock watchin on my part..booo hissss I hope I make the next one!

  2. Good food, good friends, great time. Thanks for having us over. Can't wait to do it again, and play some croquet this time!