Sunday, April 3, 2011

New Community Gardens in the city!

'Tis spring, and we are so grateful to spend time outside, digging in the dirt if we are lucky. This has been an exciting week for community gardens in RVA. The Tricycle Gardens farm stand is now open at 2107 Jefferson Ave from 4-6 pm every Tuesday and Thursday with lots of spring veggies from their urban farm.

And, last Monday the Richmond Grows Gardens Initiative passed. This program of the city’s Green Richmond aims:
  • To support the sustainability goals for the city of Richmond: improve the quality of life for residents, create a healthy environment and enhance economic development and job creation opportunities;
  • To increase the public’s understanding of the value of community gardens and the need for community gardens in the city;
  • To encourage and facilitate local urban agriculture which increases access to fresh, nutritional food for residents-particularly those in underserved communities; and
  • To transform vacant and underutilized city parcels into productive gardens.
Way to go, Richmond!

Also, I was so excited to see the Backyard Farmers yesterday, helping the students and faculty of St. Catherine's school install a new community and teaching garden right on Grove Avenue!

Lots of folks got in on the act digging beds, putting raised bed frames together and building compost bins. It was a beautiful sight indeed.

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  1. Wow!! This is wonderful news!! I've always wanted something like this for Richmond! I can't imagine being stuck in an apartment and not being able to garden. I absolutely love it :).