Thursday, April 14, 2011

Richmond's Femme Foodies

This is awesome! Holton Elementary School has a wonderful Learning Garden project, but they have taken the extra step to teach their students about what happens when their veggies and herbs get to the kitchen. Holton's participation in the 'Chefs Move to Schools' initiative is admirable on its own, but the the program's teachers have also put the lessons, recipes and kids reactions on a website called Femme Foodies! What a great resource for this essential component of food studies- for kids and grownups alike.

The Femme Foodies say:
This blog is intended for students and their family to review what we did in their classroom, to recreate the recipe we did in the class, to encourage other readers to introduce their own kids to more variety of fruit and veggies, to show the community what we can do together to make the youth’s lives better and healthier. It is a collaborative effort; we thank the schools, the students, the parents, the volunteers, the community members who support Femme Foodies effort.
Check it out!

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