Sunday, April 3, 2011

Southern Exposure Seed Exchange Sues Monsanto

Just reading over the Southern Exposure Seed Exchange page thinking of spring and such, and found this rather amazing news....
"Fighting for our Rights
Southern Exposure is joining the fight against Monsanto in a critical suit that argues that Monsanto cannot sue farmers when their organic crops are contaminated by genetically modified seeds. We are collaborating as a part of OSGATA (Organic Seed and Trade Association) and as an individual plaintiff along with several dozen other seed companies and organizations to bring Monsanto to the stand. You can read this press release that has been posted by the Public Patent Foundation. We will send out a special newsletter soon with more details. We hope you will support us in this landmark lawsuit to protect our rights as gardeners, farmers, and Americans seeking a safe future for our food and families."
Click on Their Link to read more.

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