Friday, February 17, 2012

Google Love!

Hope ya'll had a smashing Valentine's Day celebration!

Recently, my friend Katie Haines at Healthy Roots, Happy Life, turned me on to a great resource from the good people at Google, Authors@Google. Here, you can find your favorite authors interviewed. What I've since learned, is that Google brings in loads of speakers to talk to their staff on all sorts of topics. The sessions are recorded, and then the video is shared on the web (thanks, Google!). Once you start exploring you'll see that are so many categories. For instance, there is Chefs@Google and Health@Google. So much fun! And, p.s., doesn't it look like fun to work for Google?

Here are a few finds that I enjoyed, a talk with Michael Pollan, a fun cooking segment with Jamie Oliver, and another with Amanda Hesser from Food52. You can search for your favs, or find new loves!


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  1. Thanks Rachel.. Those look great and I had not a clue.