Tuesday, February 7, 2012

RFC Throwback: February

We are in our fifth year of writing about local food in Richmond, so there are a lot of recipes, gardening tips and memories buried in those years of posts .  To honor those thoughts, we will remember our favorite posts of that month from years past.  February is a difficult month- winter has a slower pace than other seasons, and suppers are less likely to be inspired by the garden.  We hope you and those who share your table find some ideas for February meals and for sharing in these posts from Februarys past.
a walnut (heart) for you

In 2011,  Shannon shared her recipe for Andouille Sausage, apples, black beans and rice.  That'll warm you right up!

Remembering the 'weather' we endured during the winter of 2010, I loved making this easy dinner of oyster mushroom pasta that can be made with things you may already have in your pantry.

And, just in time for Valentine's Day giving, here is our  list of local chocolatiers.  All of the chocolatiers listed are still in business (as far as I know), and Gearhart's even has a retail location in Richmond now!

And for the ultimate comfort food, Shannon shared her recipe for a baked whole chicken.
Stay warm, y'all!

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