Thursday, October 20, 2011

Cookbook Love: Heidi Swanson

Okay so maybe I have a problem with cookbooks. I openly admit it, but in the spirit of sharing all things good, I can't possible say enough about Heidi Swanson of Super Natural Cooking and Super Natural Every Day. You may also know her from the fabulous blog 101 Cookbooks (she obviously has her own issues... maybe this is why I love her?)

Now to be honest about my cookbook library, some books in my collection get more use than others. Some are treasured for their beautiful photography and others are staples falling apart at the seams from overuse, and others are just gathering dust (but I just can't seem to part with them.)

But Heidi is all about good whole food ingredients, a lot of which I usually have on hand, so I tend to reach for her books all the time. One of our favorites are her Otsu Noodles, soba noodles with a ginger sauce made at my house with baby onions from the garden and Twin Oaks Tofu (read more about our great visit to Twin Oaks here.) Also in her second book Super Natural Every Day she does a special take on these noodles with a black sesame sauce which we recently fell for. (This one with its rich black suace would also make a perfect Halloween dinner party main course.)

Also we love her Grain-ola, Rustic Cabbage Soup, Hedgehog Potatoes, Kale salad with toasted coconut and Oatcakes (which are like granola in muffin form and great for a quick breakfast.)

So if you don't know Heidi you should, and if you do what are your favorites?


  1. Its funny, I think since I grew up cooking in the internet era, I just don't turn to my cookbooks as often as I'd like. However: I do appreciate suggestions, and as I am a book lover, its funny that I haven't collected more of them. Mostly: I need more storage in my wee farmhouse kitchen.

  2. I am with Megan for day to day cooking, but (as a girl with a cookbook collection) I love delving in to those gorgeous books for inspiration. You always know the best ones, Casey- I love your recommendations!

  3. Heidi is my absolute favorite blogger/cookbook author, and I've made almost every single thing in Super Natural Cooking, and I'm now starting to tackle Super Natural Everyday! So glad you are a fan, too!

  4. Thanks guys and yes! I love her too, all of her recipes will inspire and serve at least as a jumping off point. And I love that I usually have most of what she calls for in my kitchen already!