Friday, October 21, 2011

Let Them Eat Pizza: Crushin' on Pizza Tonight

October is a big deal in my family. In one month we celebrate the following (in order of day): our wedding anniversary, my mom's birthday, my mom and dad's anniversary, my mother-in-law's birthday, my husband's birthday, and my birthday. That is a lot of celebrating, ya'll. So, this year my family came down to RVA from NY, DC, and ol' West VA for a day in sun.

I'd had never been to the South of the James Farmers' Market. (I know, that's weird.) Since everyone was hungry we left the Northside for a lil' Southside early lunch.

'Alo vendors!

We arrived just as the market was closing, but we found that people were still willing to chat with us and, most importantly, feed us! I saw the Pizza Tonight brick oven and I knew we had a winner. It was perfect. There are three vegans in my family and so finding a vendor that can serve up yummy food for all is key. And they did just that!

OK - who loves this as much as I do??
A portable wood fired oven!
Yes. Yes. Yes.

These folks have a dope pizza oven that they tote around town to make you smile and they are super nice. My family - all eight of us - rolled up as the market was closing. But, they graciously took our orders and fed us.

Nice People.

Yummy Menu.

Beautiful vegan pizza with onions and potatoes!

Want some Pizza Tonight of your own?? Check 'em out - they are about town (with product to sell in stores as well.) But, if you get the chance, I'd recommend checkin' out the mobile wood fired oven, can't be beat. Enjoy!

- PS! You like these pics?? Why, thank you! But, they are courtesy of my talented sister, Vanessa Rees.


  1. I am starving. That pizza looks ammmmazing right now.

  2. it was so dang tasty - thanks for the pix!