Wednesday, October 12, 2011

kitchen finds

My kitchen has been overwhelming lately. I needed more space for everything: spices, beans, knick knacks, etc. I have been planning to have my brother build another shelf system so when he happened upon the perfect shelf (already built!), it felt like kismet.

I think this is such a good-looking piece. I had so much fun filling it up with everything that had been overloading my other shelves.

And it works better than I could have hoped. Now I just have to empty it again and hang it on the wall. Here's hoping that's a 2011 project!
How about you guys? Any last-ditch kitchen projects to get in before the end of the year? I still have a little something up my sleeve that I'm hoping to share soon. I'd love to hear what others are doing.


  1. Sweet! It can be so nice to get those items off the counter and into a cubbyhole!!

  2. Still trying to find the right size deep freezer for our 2 bedroom apartment. Oh, right, and then pony up the cash. Though you may have inspired me to fill my hallways with more shelving. :)