Thursday, October 6, 2011

Edible Education Online Class

Edible Education is an amazing online opportunity to listen to the super stars of the food movement speak passionately about the food revolution.

Nikki Henderson of the Peoples Grocery and Michael Pollan lead up this class being offered at UC Berkley with support form the Chez Panisse foundation. And thanks to YouTube we can all sit in on a class about the latest goings on in the food revolution.

The course consists of conversations with the all stars of the food movement... might I suggest starting with a rather inspiried talk by Director Peter Sellars. Other speakers include Slow Food predident Carlo Petrini, Marion Nestle, Jack Sinclair of Walmart, Ann Cooper "the renegade lunch lady," Eric Schlosser of "Fast Food Nation," Alice Waters and many others.

Tune into YouTube as the semester continues for all of the lectures, and an education in whats happening right now in the food revolution!


  1. What a gift! I am halfway through the Peter Sellars class- eye and heart opening!

  2. yeah, totally impressed and surprised by Peter Sellars, impassioned!

  3. Hi,Casey,

    Can you please explain how to access this video series? When I click on "you tube" it sends me to the UC Berkley page, but says "This video is private."

    Thanks for your help. I would love to view this series if possible.


  4. Thanks for reading, Aunt Rheba! If you click on the Peter Sellars link in the post, you will get to his lecture. Wonderful class!

  5. Just finished the Sellars lecture. So excited to have access to such a wonderful resource! Thank you for posting this.